​IVAN WILLERT - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar & Bass Guitar

Born to be Wild! Ivan was introduced to music at the age of 15 when he bought his first acoustic guitar. His rock band debut happened in the mid-sixties. Living in France he toured Europe as the electric bass player with ‘Les Jaguars’ (old time rock n’ roll) and the USA recording artists ‘The Chessmen’ (jazz, blues & funk). Returning to Canada and after a brief appearance in the Winnipeg music scene he moved to Edmonton. A young family and two full time jobs took him away from his music but not for long. By 1985 he was back at it and played for ‘Kinection’.  One problem – the band initially consisted of three bass players. Ivan had to quickly adapt to playing lead and rhythm guitar. 

In 2004 a call from nature brought him to the Rocky Mountain town of Canmore. His love for music continued but he played acoustic and did not perform again until he co-founded ‘The Mountain Critters’ in 2013. “More gear” is a common expression amongst this group of musicians that quickly evolved from an acoustic band to one with a full compliment of electric gear. The Mountain Critters are a Bow Valley band that love to perform at gig’s for audiences that love to dance to “good ol’  rock n’ roll”.

​HENRI FERGUSON - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar & Percussion  

Music has been a constant in Henri’s life since his early teens when he discovered the guitar, it is rumoured that Jesus was in the third grade about the same time. This lasting love relationship with music took him through the coffee house scene of the sixties, Motown, Country Rock in the seventies and eighties, weekend bar bands, wedding bands; always wading in musical waters.

Henri is a song writer; his first recording experience was in 1974 when Access Television commissioned 2 of his original songs for TV productions which were recorded in Tommy Banks Edmonton studio and produced by Holger Peterson. In 1977 when Vinyl was still happening he released a 45 Kenora/Mean Woman Blues on Hoe Made Records. In 2002 Henri released a 10 track CD Titled Missing the Boat, Henri states wryly; “this is the story of my life”. Check it out at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/HenriFerguson

When Henri moved to Canmore in 2011, his mission was to find like minded folks interested in jamming. What started as Sunday afternoon basement sessions quickly became a whole lot more when musical chemistry created The Mountain Critters. Good old Rock and Roll, killer harmonies, great musical chops and in Jamie’s words you have “a party in a box”.

Henri also writes poetry and posts it at http://gristforlifesmill.blogspot.ca/

​JAMIE PERKINS - Lead Vocals, Keyboard & Bass Guitar

Jamie started playing music at 14 years of age. He later completed a degree in music and played professionally for many years. Some of the artists he played with included Della Reese, Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar), Al Martino, Frank Gorshin, the Windsor Symphony and countless others. There were also many reincarnations of his own bands. Although Jamie always thought he would have a lifelong career in music, he left the music industry behind to pursue business opportunities in Alberta. Upon retirement he moved to Canmore with his wife and soon met up with Ivan and Henri. Now Jamie is playing gigs and having fun with The Mountain Critters. 

Rick McGaw - Percussion

As a child growing up in New Brunswick, Rick was often found banging the pots and pans to the beat.  In his youth he and his brothers often played drums at his church and for a couple of years was a contender/winner of his high school Drum off competition.  His natural ear and love of music has landed him on stage a few times with a variety of local bands, playing different styles of music and instruments.  His first love was drums, but he is also known to pick up the bass guitar, banjo, fiddle and loves playing lead guitar.   Music has always been a passion, but playing live music has taken the back burner to work and raising a family in Canmore since re-locating here in 1999.  Now that the kids are getting bigger, RIck is ready to get back to his musical roots and have fun rocking out with The Mountain Critters.